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Here you will find an overview of the fields of law our attorneys practice.

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With over 50 years experience in handling people's legal matters, we have the specialized training and experience representing people in legal matters concerning individuals and businesses.  Our experience encompasses cases in the County, State, and Federal Courts.


ELDER LAW -  Power of Attorney, Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney and Living Will are some of the options available for meeting the needs of the older client and their family.


BANKRUPTCY/CREDIT REPAIR - ELIMINATE DEBT, STOP CREDITORS FROM CALLING, SAVE YOUR HOUSE AND CAR.  Sometimes, a person can find themselves in situation that they never thought they would be.  Loss of a job, divorce, overspending, excessive medical bills are some of the many reasons that people find themselves in debt.  If you find yourself in this position, you wonder who you can turn to for advice and help.  We have been advising and representing people like you since 1955.  Our Lawyers have represented clients in thousands of cases.  Put this experience to work for you at the time when you need it the most.  Unlike some other law firms, your case is not moved on an assembly line.  We give the personal attention to your case that you deserve.  The same Lawyer that you talk with on the telephone or in person, is the same one who will personally prepare the information on your bankruptcy petition.  You will be guided step by step through the entire process right through to the end when you and the attorney will appear at the public hearing on your case, called "the meeting of the creditors".

     Sometimes a bankruptcy petition can avoided.  Unlike in the past, mortgage and credit card companies are more willing to make payment arrangements or settle a claim for less than is owed.  Most people don't realize that you could still prevail in a court case regarding a debt even if you think you don't have a chance to win it.  Contact our office for a free consultation to explore what options you have under the bankruptcy code, in civil court and with the credit reporting agencies.

Please see our video below on your options under the bankruptcy code.


REAL ESTATE LAW- Property sales, agreements, deeds prepared, title searches, real estate closings, expert assistance.


FAMILY LAW - Divorce, support, custody.  Get experienced help during these difficult times.  Our attorneys have years of experience in all aspects of Family Law.


CRIMINAL LAW - Preliminary hearings & trials.  Our experience includes District Court, Court of Common Pleas and Federal District Court, PennDot Driver's License Suspension Cases.  You may be able to keep your license.  Call for a consultation today.

DRUNK DRIVING (DUI)  - Know and defend your rights.

PERSONAL INJURY - AUTO & MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENTS - DON'T SHORT CHANGE YOURSELF, GET WHAT YOU DESERVE.  Our firm will get the maximum value for your case. Unlike other firms that settle massive numbers of cases with the insurance companies in bulk, our attorneys work to maximize the value of


WORKERS' COMPENSATION - LUMP SUM SETTLEMENTS, WAGE LOSS BENEIFITS, SOCIAL SECURITY DISABLITY.  Get maximum value on your claim.  Our attorneys work for and with you to secure the payments and benefits you deserve.







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